Geneticist MD
Ankara, Turkey
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QIAGEN is one of the most successful biotech companies. As the leading provider of innovative purification technologies, molecular testing solutions, and smart bioinformatics, our customers are at the forefront of the molecular biology revolution, and advancing patient health.

With our sample to insight solutions that unlock valuable molecular information from biological samples, QIAGEN helps to improve healthcare and safeguard our societies, enables the development of new medicines and paves the way for scientific breakthroughs.

Position Description

Primary responsibilities

  • Engage in scientific discussions internally and externally as needed
  • Ensure that testing systems developed and used for each of the tests performed in the laboratory provide quality laboratory services for all aspects of test performance, which includes the preanalytic, analytic, and postanalytic phases of testing
  • Ensure that the physical plant and environmental conditions of the laboratory are appropriate for the testing performed and provide a safe environment in which employees are protected from physical, chemical, and biological hazards;
  • Ensure that The methodologies applied have the capability of providing the best quality of resultsVerification procedures used are adequate to determine the accuracy, precision, and other pertinent performance characteristics of the methodLaboratory personnel are performing the test methods as required for accurate and reliable results
  • Ensure that the laboratory is enrolled in an international proficiency testing program for the testing performed and that The proficiency testing samples are tested as requiredThe results are returned within the timeframes established by the proficiency testing programAll proficiency testing reports received are reviewed by the appropriate staff to evaluate the laboratory's performance and to identify any problems that require corrective action;
  • andAn approved corrective action plan is followed when any proficiency testing result is found to be unacceptable or unsatisfactory;
  • Ensure that the quality control and quality assessment programs are established and maintained to assure the quality of laboratory services provided and to identify failures in quality as they occur;
  • Ensure the establishment and maintenance of acceptable levels of analytical performance for each test system;
  • Ensure that all necessary remedial actions are taken and documented whenever significant deviations from the laboratory's established performance characteristics are identified, and that patient test results are reported only when the system is functioning properly;
  • Ensure that reports of test results include pertinent information required for interpretation;
  • Ensure that consultation is available to the laboratory's clients on matters relating to the quality of the test results reported and their interpretation concerning specific patient conditions;
  • Ensure that prior to testing patients' specimens, all personnel have the appropriate education and experience, receive the appropriate training for the type and complexity of the services offered, and have demonstrated that they can perform all testing operations reliably to provide and report accurate results;
  • Position Requirements

  • Ensure that policies and procedures are established for monitoring individuals who conduct preanalytical, analytical, and postanalytical phases of testing to assure that they are competent and maintain their competency to process specimens, perform test procedures and report test results promptly and proficiently, and whenever necessary, identify needs for remedial training or continuing education to improve skills;
  • Ensure that an approved procedure manual is available to all personnel responsible for any aspect of the testing process;
  • and laboratory to be certified and / or accredited to ISO, CLIA etc.

  • Analyze and interpret large molecular datasets such as microarray, RNA-Seq, genomic sequence, and proteomics data for clinical and basic research purposes
  • Clinical Reporting as Geneticist and Laboratory Director of the Genetics Service Laboratory
  • Personal Requirements

  • Medical Geneticist, Medical Doctor graduated from Medical School and specialized in Medical Genetics
  • Experience in diagnosis of genetic diseases
  • Following scientific literature and developments in the field of genetic diagnosis and treatments
  • Familiar with data analysis and biological interpretation of Next Generation Sequencing data
  • Excellent communication in English and Turkish languages
  • Strong team member and able to encourage respect, understanding, and trust amongst team members
  • Position based in Ankara
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