Junior Financial Controller
The Linde Group
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    İşin Tanımı :

    The Linde Group is a world leading supplier of industrial, medical, speciality gases and is one of the leading engineering companies.

    Linde products and services can be found in nearly every industry, in more than 100 countries with 65.000 employees. Linde Gaz A.

    Ş. is member of the The Linde Group. The headquarter of Linde Gaz A.Ş. is located in Gebze and operation facilities are located in many cities with over 10 production, filling and distributing facilities in Turkey.

  • Preparation of monthly financial reports in accordance with IFRS
  • Take key role in budgeting process & follow-up
  • Report the financial results to management
  • Assist Controlling Manager
  • Support financial planning process of the company including in time reporting IFRS Reporting Package / Sales Report
  • Prepare monthly & year-end financial reports according to Linde IFRS standards
  • Prepare deviation analysis against financial targets and previous year
  • Follow up the cost discipline by strict monthly analysis and control
  • Assist in Capex Controlling
  • Preparation of product costing and profitability reports according to Linde Standards
  • Assist to provide financial support to all functions of the company
  • Act compliant to Linde’s Integrity criterias
  • Thinking outside of the box, working on new topics and concepts, deliver great solutions to our internal customers is essential to bring success to our business.

    Our Finance department will offer you a variety of possibilities to excel in your area of expertise. You will contribute towards making Linde an inclusive and diverse organization, creating innovative practices and fostering an environment that welcomes all differences making Linde an employer of choice.

    Aranan Nitelikler :

  • University degree in Business Administration, Economics or a similar area
  • 1-2 years experience in Finance
  • Good command of English
  • Knowledge of MS Office programs
  • No military obligation for male candidates
  • Driving license
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