Process Engineer
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We are looking for a Quality Specialist to work in our Çorlu Algida factory.

Main Job Purpose

The process engineer is a key figure in a manufacturing organization, as he / she focuses on the customer requirements. Based on these, this role is to manage the process parameter of the process making sure that there are not deviation and so ensuring the stability of the process.

The process Engineer shall manage the process parameters of the manufacturing system, making sure that there are not deviation and so ensuring the stability of the process.

He / she is the contact with R&D, Quality, Equipment suppliers and also with Safety and Environment departments to define the ideal working conditions of the process in a way that the product will be produced under the expected specifications with a stable process which will be safe for the people and the environment.

Also he / she needs to work closely with Cost Deployment pillar which will be populated with data built up through application of the Managing Manufacturing Performance Code, which is key to ensuring focus on key losses.

Working directly with the line crews on a daily basis, the Process Engineer also acts as the technical trainer for line teams and provides coaching in phenomena identification, root cause analysis and the establishment of counter-measures.

Key Accountabilities : PLAN :


  • Define and maintain the optimum process parameters to ensure the maximum efficiency of equipment and production in accordance with the quality standards set by the company and the technical conditions
  • DO :

  • After defining all needed parameters, the process engineer will build the operating procedures and organize the workplaces to make sure that the production team can meet the expected performance maintaining the expected quality standard.
  • Introduce proposals for the introduction of advanced technological processes, types of equipment and technological equipment, automation equipment, optimal production modes for products
  • Participate in developing of process sheets and changeover matrixes
  • Make proposals on the organization of workplaces in order to reduce labor costs and improve sanitation and hygiene
  • Propose production technology improvement
  • Participate in conducting trial and industrial tests of new types of packaging materials, raw materials and finished products
  • Participate / lead improvement projects, study WCM tools and apply them in practice in improvement projects
  • Participate in the HACCP program, develops measures to reduce risks and guarantee consumer safety in the unit
  • Monitor the standards of the state of production and auxiliary equipment
  • Identify the causes of equipment malfunctions or defects.
  • Participate in the training of production operators. Participate in the annual certification of production operators
  • Develop and maintain a reporting system and working documentation regarding the production process functionality
  • Develop and support production team to create and update WCM activity boards
  • Advise and support, in cooperation with WCM coordinator, production staff on the application of WCM techniques
  • Participate in conducting internal meetings aimed at developing measures to prevent and eliminate non-conformities, and reduce losses
  • CHECK :

  • Analyze the causes of process failure, loss of packaging materials, raw materials and finished products as well as poor quality products or incidents in quality.
  • Takes part in the development of measures to prevent and eliminate them in the production process, as well as in consideration of incoming complaints for products with the department Quality assurance

    ACT :

  • After identifying the causes of equipment malfunctions or defects, if necessary, take part in the repair, installation, dismantling, testing and adjustment of particularly complex units of equipment (units and machines) in cooperation with maintenance
  • Immediately inform the immediate supervisor of any detected deviations from the normal operation of the equipment and malfunctions
  • Participate in projects to upgrade existing equipment, as well as purchase new ones
  • Professional Skills :

  • Analyse and optimise Supply Chain performance to create value
  • Optimise performance and networks through virtual sites
  • Delivering and implementing factory change including innovation
  • Managing and benchmarking production performance to defined standards
  • Optimising and managing site specific manufacturing processes
  • Managing regulatory compliance
  • Continuous Improvement WCM principles objectives and target setting
  • Implementing and integrating WCM Pillars
  • Using WCM Cost deployment / linking WCM Loss and Cost concepts to benefits
  • Applying WCM principles to the extended Supply Chain and Innovation
  • Customer, Shopper and Consumer quality needs and satisfaction
  • Managing process safety hazards and risks in manufacturing
  • System design and modelling
  • Packaging Technology & Engineering

  • Machinery design and specification
  • Materials or machine interaction and packaging design
  • Mould management and engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Mechanical design
  • Standards and processes of fabrication and assembly
  • Instrument and Measurement
  • Utilities design
  • Refrigeration
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
  • Electrical & Automation Engineering

  • Application of electrical equipment
  • Safety in Electrical
  • Regulatory requirements for design and operations
  • Sustainability in engineering design including energy water and waste management
  • Understanding country & category requirements
  • Developing market, product and supplier information
  • Experience Required :

  • Post Graduate level education; Mechanical, Chemical, Electrical, Foods Engineering.
  • Experience in statistics and process control tools. Experience in AM, PM, Quality and FI tools and processes.
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